Specialist Program in Web Design and Web Development, Modeling and Texturing, Architecture Visualization Course (6 Months)

  • Web Development
  • Modeling and Texture
  • Architectural Visualization

Amrita Multimedia Academy has 3 distinct modules and covers the most popular illustration programs used by graphic designers. Students are introduced to the basic use of computer principles to techniques in digital art, drawing and design, fundamentals of digital imaging, introduction to interactive media authoring, project management skills, creating animations using web development applications.

3D Model created with 3DS Max

Students continue to develop their skills by learning programming using Action Script and other scripting languages for design, creating animation and data handling. While the course advances, students expand their understanding of the structure and technologies of web and interactive media and learn techniques for designing and managing large projects. Class assignments train Students to apply their knowledge for creating effective and efficient animated web sites by incorporating interactive multimedia elements, web programming techniques, CSS based layout and typography.

Responsiveness or Adapting webpage to any devices in Web Design

Hands-on projects focus on essential skills and provide experience in professional Web design project scenarios in content management systems (CMS), Flash motion graphics, Web animation & design, Responsive Web Design which suites for multi-screen world and create compelling business, informational, educational and self-promotional web sites.

Students can choose their career as a:

  • Web / Front End UI Designers / Developer
  • Web / Back End Developers / Programmers
  • 3D Modeler/Designer
  • 3D Visualizer / Artists
  • AutoCAD / CAD Designers