Is Graphic Design and Multimedia the same?

If you’ve got ever thought of following a career in a very technological field that emphasizes the inventive use of computers and different electronic devices, a very important question has most likely crossed your mind: “Is Graphic Design and Multimedia the same?” By reading the data found below, you’ll acquire a solution to the present question and several other others that pertain to the fields of graphic style and multimedia system.

Graphic Design-Basic Summary

Graphic Design is largely visual representations that seem on an internet site. the aim of graphic style is to change or enhance the illustration of a sense or plan for the aim of appealing to the user’s emotional, intellectual, and/or aesthetic sensibilities. Graphic Design will educate and entertain users whereas strengthening a business’s stigmatization efforts. in addition, graphic style
will facilitate clarity of illustration. Some samples of graphics embody pictures, maps, family trees, styles and patterns, engineering and subject field blueprints, diagrams, typography, line art, schematics, flowcharts, and pie charts.

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Multimedia-Basic Summary

Multimedia involves the utilization of quite one presentation mediums to speak with associate audience. therefore instead of incorporating text or sound, multimedia system would incorporate the utilization of 2 presentation formats like text and sound. Additionally to melding formats like text and sound, multimedia system will incorporate the synchronous use of the subsequent mediums:

  • Text, sound, and animated images
  • Text, sound, and images from videos
  • Sound and video
  • Multiple show areas, presentations, and/or pictures conferred at identical time
  • Speakers or actors who build use of “props” with text, sound, images, and/or motion videos


Although one will observe a confluence between multimedia system and ancient movies or motion photos, the assembly scale is usually more cost-effective and smaller for the previous mode of presentation. in addition, multimedia system will incorporate audience involvement, within which case it becomes a sort of hypermedia. The interactive parts used at intervals multimedia system will embody things like text entry, voice command, bit screen, mouse manipulation, live participation, and video capture of the user.

Graphic Design and Multimedia : Main Variation

Once you grasp the essential definitions of graphic style and multimedia system, the basic variations between the 2 entities becomes plain. whereas graphic style build use of visual representations, multimedia system incorporates the utilization of multiple mediums to gift data or entertain for this purpose. therefore whereas graphic style will incorporate simply one: visual image, multimedia
system involves the synergistic use of a minimum of 2 modes of knowledge transmissions. in addition, graphic style area unit specifically designed to look on a web website, whereas a multimedia system presentation will exist within the format of a picture, Power Point Presentation, interactive optical disk, CD-Rom, and more.

Another attention-grabbing distinction between the worlds of graphic style and multimedia system considerations career opportunities within the various fields. as an example, a graphic designer works by making visual ideas which will be displayed on an internet site. On the opposite hand, a private who works as a multimedia system creator is accountable for making visual and animation for tv, video games, movies, and different media formats. As mentioned earlier, the distinction between the 2 fields is that the previous incorporates singular presentation (visual) whereas the latter incorporates use of multiple communicative platforms (visuals, animation, etc.).


If you are thinking about pursuing a career in the fields of Graphic design or Multimedia, you ought to grasp that doing thus may be in person and professionally appreciated. Currently that you just have obtained a solution to the necessary question, “Is Graphic Design and Multimedia the same?”.  You can confirm which vocational course would be best suited for you with us.

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