Certified Program: 2D Animation, AutoCAD, Graphic Design Course (3 Months)

  • 2D Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • AutoCAD

Amrita Multimedia Academy has 3 distinct modules and is a comprehensive and intensive program that allows students to become skilled at a wide range of subjects needed to the profession including:

Drawing and Color Elements are explained using Graphic Design

Techniques on developing drawing & sketching, analysis of styles, computer aided design (CAD), furnishings, interior planning, graphic techniques, Colour & Lighting, and architectural modeling.

Architecture Visualized using AutoCAD

The course rapidly moves from the primary design principals of form, space and order to the understanding of in depth architectural drawings. Students are encouraged to develop ideas and skills needed to analyse fashionable interior spaces through observation based on different creative design projects.The interior design course covers the most significant aspects of the field and helps students to obtain full knowledge of up to date tools. The course concludes with a student-initiated individual project. Projects include retail, commercial and residential interior design.

Students can choose their career as a:

  • Graphic Designer/Illustrators
  • Self Equipped Studio
  • AutoCAD / CAD Designer
  • 2D Animators