3D Animation and Gaming Course (14 Months)

Amrita Multimedia Academy has 4 distinct modules is designed to equip the students with excellent skills to become a professional 3D Animator. Our curriculum is designed to give you command of the present cutting edge tools and techniques used in 3D modeling and Character Animation. Students will dive in and explore the basic principles of developing digital 3D character models, texturing, polygon modeling, lighting and special effects, rigging solutions for character animation. In this course, students are given training in acting and public speaking in team environments which will support the flow of relaxed unconditional confidence with opportunities given in the world. Students perform out their characters and make complete drawings of pose and expressions. With classes in storyboarding, clay modeling, video editing, digital compositing, and concept development, students are guided through the preliminary steps of final project creation. Students focus on expressive timing, staging and fluid movement in character animation so that they can create innovative high quality animated segments for a wide variety of projects and portfolios.


  • Understanding the Game
  • The Concept
  • Fleshing out the Story
  • Story boarding
  • Digital painting – Background
  • Digital painting- Concept Art
  • Character Design
  • Effects
  • Low poly modeling
  • Advance Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Creating animation with biped & rigged for games

Game Model Designed and Animated

Students can choose their career as a:

  • Game Designer
  • Game Artist
  • Game Level Editor